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Why HWIC Green Barley is so Effective?

The owner of this site.

Hi, I'm Cyrus. I encourage you to have at least 1 bottle of green barley in your family. because Your health is you wealth. Please take it as your food, I believed that you are what you eat. In our time it is not safe to live in our environment so we need to take action by preventing various diseases to penetrate in our self and into our family. Our green barley is the most affordable and effective agent here in the market to prevent and cure....I believe also in the power of prayer that by faith we can cure our illnesses , So always thank God for being healthy

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About the product

From “Barley Grass”, by Betsy Block, NATURAL HEALTH Magazine - Oct 1999 pg. 44 This Nutrient-packed "Green Food" May Fight Several Types Of Cancer, Clear Up Skin Problems, And Heal Ulcers.

WHAT IT IS - Barley grass (Hordeum vulgare) is the seedling of the barley plant. It is usually harvested about 200 days after germination, when the shoots are less than a foot tall read more

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Barley Juice
150 Reports of Nutritional Benefits
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Green Barley: A Total Food Drink

P275 Metro Manila Price
P300 Provincial Price

P214 .99
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P100 within Metro Manila. 
P155 Provincial Area.
Limited items up to 7 bottles only

HWIC Product Pack

P5,995 Metro Manila Price
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Contain 28 bottles in one box

Save  P499

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